10 Ways to Winterize Your Apartment This Winter

With Pittsburgh’s winter more present than ever, it may seem like an easy choice to crank up the thermostat. By doing so, renters and homeowners face the dreaded heating bill. There are numerous ways to save money and keep your apartment home warm. If you haven’t already done so, this is the time to make sure your apartment has been winterized. Look no further for 10 cost-effective ways to winterize your apartment.

Run a humidifier

Running a humidifier will help eliminate the dryness in your apartment. Adding a little moisture into the air tends to make a room feel cozy and warm. Make sure you don’t overdo it on the humidifier though; too much moisture will have an opposite reaction and make your apartment chilly.

Don’t cover vents

Make sure you don’t block the heat that is coming in to your apartment. Rearrange furniture to allow vents in your home to work properly.

Install weather stripping

By covering the small cracks and crevices, weather stripping allows for you to keep your heat in your apartment and not to creep out.

Place door snakes by your doors

Door snakes also work similarly to weather stripping. By placing a door snake by your door, you can prevent drafts from sneaking into your apartment.

Preset your thermostat

This can be a real cost-saver. Setting your thermostat to automatically decrease when no one is home will help decrease gas or electricity use.

Hang blankets or tapestries on the walls

Covering the walls, especially the exterior walls, can keep that cold air from emanating into your apartment. This is an easy way to add some color to your apartment home, as well.

Apply window Insulation Wrap

Numerous apartments and homes lost heat through the windows. Applying window insulation wrap to windows is an easy, cost effective method of keeping the cold outside of your apartment.

Insulate outlets and switches

Covering outlets with outlet gaskets can help to block the cold air the creeps into your apartment. Many renters forget to look at outlets and switches as a source for draftiness.

Keep doors closed

Closing closet doors and doors to rooms that aren’t being used will minimize the space requiring heating. This will isolate heat and help to save on heating bills.


Inexpensive, heavy drapes can be found at stores such as IKEA can help keep out the cold drafts, too. However, make sure to open them up during the day. Letting some light in your apartment during the day will naturally heat up your living space.